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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Why is Evlon film made from PLA better than conventional petrochemical-based polymers?
A: It uses less energy to produce PLA pellets. Up to 65% less fossil fuel and 65% less greenhouse-gas emissions than when making traditional plastic.
Q: How much plant material is required for PLA?
A: 100 bushels of corn are equal to 1 metric ton of PLA.
Q: Will Evlon plastic film degrade on shelves?
A: No. Evlon will not degrade on shelves and has a similar shelf-life to other petroleum based plastics.
Q: Will Evlon Plastic Film impact the world′s corn supply?
A:  No. The PLA used to make Evlon is based on the dextrose derived from corn known as "Number 2 Yellow Dent". This is the most common variety in the United States, with more than 80% of the crop grown to feed animals.  Other feedstocks such as sugar cane can also be used.
Q: How can Evlon packaging film be disposed of?
A: Evlon plastic offers more end-of-life options than any other material. It can be physically recycled, composted industrially, incinerated, put in landfill and even recycled back into it′s original lactic acid state.
Q: Can I get a sample of Evlon Compostable Plastic Film?
A: Yes. To request a sample, visit our "Contact Us" section and submit your request by email.

 Technical Questions

Q:  Why should I switch from Evlon to high slip Evlon?
A: The Evlon high slip has a lower COF, allowing you to run your equipment faster in many cases. 
Q: I have tried other PLA films with no success. Why would Evlon be most likely to succeed?
A: What is different about Evlon, is that it has an excellent heat seal range, making it an easy transition from most OPP films on typical packaging equipment.
With a range of 150 to 210°F (65-98°C), most heat seal machines require the temperatures of the sealing bar to be turned down considerably to produce a good seal, and another common change is to reduce the dwell time as well to maximize seal strength.
A common mistake is to try to run it too hot. If there is distortion around the seal and/or the film becomes brittle and cracks or breaks at the seal, the sealing bar temperature is probably too hot. Turn the temp down to make a better seal, and save some energy in the process!
Q: Is the Thermal Stability better than other PLA films?
A: Due to its unique process, Evlon films are exceptionally heat resistant. With little or no dimensional change with processing temperatures of 60°C (and less than 5% dimensional change even at 100°C for 5 minutes).
Q: What are the advantages of co-extruded film?
A: Co-extruding PLA film has several advantages.
With a core of high heat resistant type PLA and a low temperature skin, it allows for a wider processing window in most applications, while maintaining far more structural integrity in high heat situations.
Co-extruding also allows for minimal additional additives, maintaining better clarity and appearance.
Q: What if I have trouble running my PLA film?
A: Do not hesitate to reach out to our technical staff for guidance. 
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